Curly Girly: Fluffed out Haircut


Again, sorry for the iphone quality pic!

As was promised in my last post, here’s a pic of what my new hair cut looks like dry!

My roomie said that my hair looks curlier now and I agree! Looks like cutting off a lot of the damaged part really paid off. 🙂

My lovah says I look “vintage” and like Claire Huxtable lol. I don’t know about that second part so much, but I’ll take it!

Can ya see the curlier parts poppin out?!

Can ya see the curlier parts poppin out?!

Also, it seems like it’s less frizzy now too! Idk what that’s all about, might just be the extra product they put on it at hair cuttery? Hopefully the haircut has something to do with the frizz control though.

I’m pretty excited because I feel like the haircut makes me look older…I actually looked like a college graduate last night!


Obligatory “getting ready” mirror selfie

Overall, I’m extremely happy about this new haircut!! It doesn’t look so great in a pony tail yet, but that’s probably a good thing…..I don’t want to pull my hairline back any further anyways….

As an important aside, last night marked the very last Pink Pit dinner with my roomie/bestie/sister Janae! 😦

She’s moving to NC this weekend for grad school and she’s the first one moving out of our home this summer 😥

The ladies of the Pink Pit! (minus KA)

The ladies of the Pink Pit! (minus KA)

We’ll miss you!

The real world just continues to get more and more real………at least my hair is ready!

Diving in head first,



2 thoughts on “Curly Girly: Fluffed out Haircut

  1. This look frames your face so well! Best wishes to you bestie! NC is great, just huuuumid during the summer. Hope you two can see each other again soon!


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