Curly Girly: I’m Bald!

No, not really…but I did get a new summer haircut!

I was planning on taking some better quality before and after pics, but I was just so excited to go get it cut that I forgot. So, Iphone pics it is!


It was about 3 inches past my collarbone.

I wanted to cut my hair because it’s been super hot lately and my hair has been making it worse! So, bye bye winter head-fur, back to my short summer styles!

Typically I’d cut it shorter, but I don’t want my curls to have me looking up poodle-esque. Usually when I have short hair, I ALWAYS have it straightened. Not this time!

Okay, now the moment of truth…


Now, my hair hits right at the collarbone!

Those pics are when my hair is still wet….I got too excited again and couldn’t wait for my hair to dry to take the after pics. I’ll make sure to get one up here when my hair is properly dried.

I’m hoping that my curls will be curlier now that I’ve cut off some of that heat damaged foolishness that was going on. It already feels curlier, but I may just be imagining that for now lol.

Happy 4th!,



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