Curly Girly: SunKissAlba’s Routine by ME!

If you guys have been following my curly girly journey, you probably saw my posts on SunKissAlba and her beautiful curly hair technique. In case you missed it, check out here video here!

Basically, she twists little strands of hair around her finger to get a nice ringlet look and then fluffs everything out when it’s dry.

Ringlets for days!

Ringlets for days!

Super in love with her hair, I decided to try it out myself. The results? ….Iffy at best.

Yeah, so my first try at Alba’s technique didn’t turn out nearly as well as hers, but it may be because I spent too much time putting in too much product and spent too little time perfecting the ringlet action.

As far as my procedure, I followed her video to a T, I just used different products. So, to save time and space, I’ll just include my before and after pics!

Here’s what I looked like after the product application and twisting…

And here’s what I looked like after it dried and I fluffed it out…

Definitely not horrible, but I like my natural curl action better for now and this style didn’t look good enough for a day 2.

I’m looking forward to trying this again once I get some of the heat damage off of my head and my natural curls are healthier. Maybe that’s the key to ringlet success!?

Anyone else try this technique? Any suggestions for success?

Wishfully thinking,



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