Thriftapalooza: She get it from her mama…

Happy Hump Day! Halfway to the weekend…wooohoo!

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, when I was younger my mom would try to get me to go thrifting with her, but I never understood or appreciated the joy of thrifting soooooo…..I almost never went with her.

Also, I always thought thrift stores kinda smelled funny so, yeah.

Needless to say, she is quite excited about my new interest in thrifting and my  thrift store adventures!!!! I’ve been showing her some of the cool things I’ve been finding in thrift stores and her response is usually something to the effect of “I told you so.

….I guess that’s why they say mother knows best!

Anywho, up until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t actually gone thrifting with her so when I went home for Father’s Day we decided to take a thrifting/mother-daughter bonding trip.

She already had a thrift store in mind, so we got dressed and headed out…

Check out her flower garden in the back :)

Check out her flower garden in the back 🙂

My mom’s outfit consists of a thrifted dress annnnnd thrifted shoes! Powwww.

We drove to the Disabled Veterans thrift store in Hampton and it was actually pretty cool. The longer their items go unsold, the cheaper they get. I wouldn’t suggest waiting around for an item to get cheaper since someone else could snatch it up, but I definitely appreciate the concept!

Here’s a pic I snuck once we got to the thrift store…. before my phone died. Womp.

Shoppin, shoppin, shoppin!

Shoppin, shoppin, shoppin!

I got super excited because they had .99 cent racks, but upon further inspection, I noticed they actually said “.99 cent and up…” Womp.

Nonetheless, we found some pretty good items! I may post some pics of what I found later (I got more than I usually get since my mom was there to help pay for some things ;)), but for now I’ll just include a pic of what my mom found…

Patterned pants by Talbots!

Patterned pants by Talbots!

Cute, huh? And very lightweight for cooler summer days. I was secretly hoping she would decide she didn’t like them anymore so I could have them, but unfortunately that didn’t happen lol.

All in all, a successful day at the thrift store!

Time to find more closet space…,


OH!!! As an aside, I decided to try my hand at being a refashionista so I got a dress off the .99 cent rack!

Here’s the “before” picture I took of the dress.

Say whaaat!?

Say whaaat!?

I planned to cut off the sleeves, take in the top to fit and hem the skirt up to my knees!

All was going well until I broke all the needles for the sewing machine…I was so upset >_<.

No after pic for now, hopefully I can get it going when I go home for the 4th!

Okay, this concludes my P.S.



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