Curly Girly: No Heat Challenge…Yikes.


Before I start, check out this video and her amazing hair.. My newest curly hair inspiration!

So, if you didn’t watch the video at least check out how gorgeous her hair is. Most of the time I’ll see youtubers with really nice curly hair, but I just assume they were born with hair that I like better than mine and tell myself to get over it… đŸ˜¦

This Youtuber, Sunkissalba, has a completely different story and I’m SO glad I found her videos. The video above is what she looks like after going about 2 years with no heat on her hair at all. The idea of going for 2 years (or more) without using heat on my hair is terrifying to me. I really really want to get cool, big, curly (and healthy!) hair….but I also really like the way I look with my hair straightened.

Anywho, she’s been posting videos since the beginning of her journey and her orignal hair was pretty similar to my curl pattern. I never really thought heat could have changed my curl pattern THAT much, but seeing the difference in how her hair looks through the years definitely changed my mind.

Seriously, LOOK!

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 2.33.49 PM

She started in 2011 with her hair routine video (here!), posted her curly hair routine after a year (here!), and then the last screenshot is from the video above.

One thing that’s important to note is that with her most recent hair, she uses a different technique to get the ringlet curls, so I wonder what her curls would look like now just using the scrunching method.

I’ve included her new styling method here because it clearly produces great results and I want to try it on my hair now!

Maybe if my hair looks great after this technique I won’t have to go the whole 2 years+ without heat! I really do want to try and goes as long as possible with no heat though….I’m going to try and find a day counter for my blog that shows how long I make it…think of those “We’ve gone this many days without a work accident” signs lol.

(*Update!* I found a heat challenge days counter! Check my progress here!)

Super excited to see what my hair will look like after a few month sans heat! Sunkissalba said she saw results in about 7 months đŸ™‚

New chapter of my life…new fierce hair!




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