WHY is thrifting so addictive!?

Okay, so a few days ago I posted about my thrifting addiction.

My original purpose for that post was to say why thrifting is so addicting, but I lost focus lol.

So, I’m back! And here’s why I think thrifting is so dang addictive…in a handy bulleted list!



  • The Feeling: The ‘high’ that you get when you find an amazing, unique piece! Who doesn’t want that feeling over and over?
  • The Fear: When I go too long without thrifting, I get worried that I”m missing out on some great pieces! Especially while I’m checking out thrifting blogs between visits….gah.
  • The Steal: With prices so low, it can’t be thaaat bad, right? Better to spend $30 on 10 items instead of 2!
  • The Treasures: Regardless of price (ha!), the pieces you can find in thrift stores are unlike anything you’d find in the retail stores. Forever 21 who? Seriously, my wardrobe has become so unique and so me!
  • The Time: In order to properly thrift shop, you have to have a good chunk of time set out to get through everything. The act of sifting through all of those clothes is strangely relaxing to me. Gives me time to clear my mind for a length of time and just be in the moment! Bonus: No super expensive price tags to stress you out!

I think that pretty much sums it up. Thrift stores are amazing and finding great items makes you feel and look amazing! Plus, who doesn’t need a little retail therapy every once in awhile?

……GAH! Can someone please start planning my intervention!??!? It’s only going to get worse when I get to Newark/New York….I already know it!

Why everything that’s supposed to bad make me feel so good?

Woe is me,



7 thoughts on “WHY is thrifting so addictive!?

  1. i’ve been on a thrifting fast for several weeks. i feel pretty good about it, but i’m definitely having withdrawals.

  2. really well put! I love the feeling of knowing I have have something unique to my style!

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