So you say we’re in a colorblind society now, eh?

This video has been floating around Facebook for a couple days now, I finally decided to watch it and I’m glad (kind of) that I did..

I like to think that racism is getting better in our country or that the actions of the people in this video are not really representative of the greater society. Unfortunately, that’s a hard thing to convince myself to believe…especially after seeing so many episodes of “What Would You Do?” that are just like this… filmed in locations all over the country.

I don’t have too much to say about racism and prejudice that hasn’t already been said, so I won’t harp on it.

Some things about this video though:

  • It’s so crazy to me that with the white male actor, one woman asked if it was his bike, he responded, “not technically” and she kept it moving. She didn’t even look like she intended to stop because she just knew it was his bike.
  • It’s also crazy just how many people surrounded the black actor when he said it wasn’t his bike. Like, did they think he was that much of a threat that they had to take community action against him?
  • I wonder if the black actor had been dressed differently, would the reaction had been the same? Maybe he was sort of dressed like a “thug” and that’s what spurred the reaction. That doesn’t make the reaction acceptable, but it’s something to consider.
  • I wonder how people would have reacted if a black woman were doing the same thing. Would they have tried to help her or would they call the police and take community action again?

I love this show because it opens our eyes to so many of the issues that are still so pervasive in society, but sometimes I wish they would dig a little deeper.

Do better America,



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