True Life: I’m Addicted to Thrifting.

My name is Johnel and I’m addicted to shopping in thrift stores.

I started thrifting because I was a college student who was perpetually BROKE. Now, I am a college graduate who is still broke and will probably be living the struggle life for another 2-3 years. Thus, I need to feed my need for retail therapy in a less expensive way.

Before I started thrifting, I wouldn’t go shopping too often, but when I did (usually at the beginning of fall and spring) I would spend like $300 per store. Literally. Like, I don’t understand how I did that, but recently I came across a $300 receipt from freaking Target. What the heck.

Alright, anyways. When I was younger, my mom would always try to get me to go to the thrift store with her but I was never ’bout it. I’m not really sure what randomly sparked my interest to try thrifting in Cville, but in my 3rd year here, I decided to check it out.

The first times I went in that year, I got a lot of things I thought were cool or that I could “make work” and spent way more than I should have ever spent there. About 61% of the things I bought during those Goodwill trips ended up being re-donated, unworn by me. I have a couple things from back then that I still wear and love, but for the most part those days were a bust.

Rookie Mistake: I was way too excited to try to make pieces work, pieces that didn’t necessarily fit my personal style or needs.

Flash forward to the present day……I’ve gotten better, I’m more inclined to pick out items that are actually my size or that fit well when tucked in and less inclined to buy random oversized weird blazers (though I have fallen into that trap a few times recently, le sigh).

I find amazing things, good brands (a ton of J. Crew, Ann Taylor and Banana Republic here) and good quality items. I make sure I like the fabric and the pattern and have an idea of when/where I’m going to wear each item before I buy it.

This is a great method!!! ….. in theory. Unfortunately, I have sort of an addictive personality. Meaning, I get addicted to things easily. No, not drugs or anything crazy like that….mostly just different types of foods and now thrifting.

How did I come to this realization, you ask? Welp. One day when my room was filled with thrifted clothing laying around everywhere, I decided to put these items away. Unfortunately, I did not have enough space. Long story short, I cleaned out my closet and drawers, taking out things I don’t wear and donating them…..stillllllllll not enough room.

Here’s my closet. About 80% of these items are thrifted/hand me downs. The other 20% are from TJ Maxx or Marshalls!



I ran out of hangers 😦

So, I turned to filling my drawers. No picture of this because it’s too messy….and PACKED.

After filling all of my storage space, I STILL had clothes left unhung.

Like this bag…

The size of a duffle bag...

The size of a duffle bag…

Nearly full of clothes.


Probably 11 or so items in there…

And this less huge bag….still full of clothes.


Plus all of the clothes in my FULL laundry basket. And in my actual duffle bag from when I was out of town.

Sigh. What am I doing with my life.

Sad thing is, as I write this post I still want to go check out what new stuff they have in the Cville stores….

The struggle continues,


Sorry for the lengthy posts!


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