Fresh Air and Freedom

Lovely, right?

Earlier today I decided to get out of the house and get some fresh air. I haven’t had to go to work for the past couple of days, but it’s been raining so I’ve been cooped up in the house (lovingly known as the Pink Pit!) for days. Blah.

Luckily, the sun finally decided to show its face today and let me break free!

Unfortunately, I’m on a super budget for now until I start getting paychecks from my new summer job, so I have to stay away from stores until then. I’m not much of a window shopper.. That’s basically self-inflicted torture. Did I mention I might have a shopping problem?  Aha.. yikes. :/

Anywho, I woke up too late to check out the Charlottesville Market Downtown (gourmet popsicles!!), so I just decided to come to the park by my house.

(Note: I’m actually writing this as I’m at the park, but didn’t want to post too many things at once!)

The first thought I had when I got to the top of the hill was, “How cool would it be if trees had electrical outlets?!” Smh, clearly I’m a baby of the technology age, but hey, I’m trying.

Second thought I had was, “Oh! Maybe I can take some bloggable pics of my outfit out here!”’s how that turned out.

The only survivor.

The only survivor.

I took some others, but they were equally as tragic and too shadowy anyways.

I retired back to my picnic table for some selfies…

Then a bug attacked me mid-selfie!

Oh, how I pray this doesn't end up being my blog thumbnail..

Oh, how I pray this doesn’t end up being my blog thumbnail..

And this photo is the aftermath of the attack. Look at the fear in my eyes. The bug looked like it had a stinger. I was terrified.

It’s actually a butt-load of bugs out here. Ugh. Lucky for them, I’m not one to kill something when it’s in its home. I wouldn’t want someone to do that to me…common courtesy. I swear these fools just love my caramely brown skin though because they won’t leave me alone!

Anywho, Washington Park has become my new favorite go-to spot in Cville when I need to get out, it’s always nice here under the shade and there are always kiddies and puppies running around out here! 🙂

And apparently beaver looking giant rodent things….



Two of these little guys were running around, half cute, half startling.

Okay, back to soaking up my last bit of wide open fields of green grass before I venture into the concrete jungles of the north.

Peace and love (it felt appropriate),



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