Curly Girly: Day 2 of Noodling!

Day 2 and I’m still loving my Noodle Head.

Just to give you an idea…Before these products, my hair looked like a limp fuzzy spaghetti noodle by day 2. The curls would start to fall (especially underneath) and my hair would end up being just a weird wavy/curly combo.

Day 2 on Noodle Head and it still looks like I have cheesy poofs all over!! WooOOoo!!

Last night before sleeping, I put my hair in a very, VERY loose ponytail on the very top of my head… I looked like a pineapple.

I took the top of my pineapple and slowly guided it into my silk bonnet…and that’s it!

Then I slept…and slept….and BAM!

Okay, so not bam yet. I took the cap off, it was a little frizzy from sleeping I guess so I put about a dime sized bloop of Frizz Zapper all over and it seemed to work well today! So, it gets bumped up from being iffy to being good! The consistency is thicker than frizz stuff I’ve used before (JF Frizz Ease) and it worked better!!

And here we go!

Day 2 - Smize? lol

Day 2 – Wow, ignore the facial expression. Bleh.

Yes! I actually used my camera instead of my phone for this pic (I’m gonna do this more guys!) and you can really see what’s going on! A little frizz still, but definitely workable! Still defined and shiny! 🙂



Here’s another weird angle for ya…

This is the “curly” side of my head. The other side didn’t get AS defined as this side, so I think I’m going to focus my scrunching to the other side next time and hopefully things will even out.

Overall, VERY satisfied with these products!!!!! Wahooo!!

If you have hair like me, I’d definitely suggest these products! Maybe just start out with the Noodle Head and see what else you need after that try….I was just impatient so I tried everything at once lol.

Happy experimenting,



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