Curly Girly: I [heart] Noodle Head!

Hello lovelies!

I’m super excited to do this post because it has some pretty promising results in it!!

If you read my last post, you will know that I’m in the process of trying out a bunch of new products and being a curly headed goddess lol.

I wish I had more step by step pictures, but you can’t really see the results until the hair is dry anyways so it’s okay.

Before we start, here is a pic of my hair pre-these products:

Ms. Frizzle

Ms. Frizzle/random Myspace angle

I didn’t have much of a regimen before…I used to use Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner, but it made my face break out so I cut it loose. Lately I’ve just been doing a deep condition with hair mayo and then letting my hair air dry. No product = no unnecessary breakouts.

My hair wasn’t bad….. but I knew it could be better. Not very defined and fairly frizzed out.

Here’s a step by step of my new (for now) regimen:

  1. I combed the Beyond the Zone Last Call Hair Masque through my hair and left it in for about 20 minutes. The package said 10 minutes, but I had a little extra time. It smells good, but I didn’t notice too much conditioning from it. If I got it again, I would leave it on way longer, but based on the reviews it’s not worth it
  2. Rinsed masque out in the sink, I was feeling lazy, and no conditioner after that. In the future I’ll probably put conditioner in and let that sit for awhile. I did a quick towel dry … my hair not soaking at this point, but none was dry yet
  3. Next, I put in the Noodle Head Curling Cream, I didn’t comb it through much, I just sort of put it over all of my hair in sections, making sure to saturate everything. I may have put in too much, but I was super excited! I used about a quart size plop for each section (3).
  4. Scrunch, scrunch, scrunch
  5. The Beyond the Zone Frizz Zapper came next, I applied it in the same way as the Noodle Head, but only about a dime size for each section
  6. Per the instructions of Makeup Alley (great site!), I applied another thin coating of Noodle Head over the frizz prone areas of my head for extra support
  7. Finally, I sprayed the ApHoghee Restructurizer all over (like 4 spritzes)…and more scrunching
  8. Now it’s time to let everything air dry! Per Youtube’s instructions, I clipped up some of the top and front pieces with duck clips to hold some curls in. Unfortunately, I can’t find the video anymore! Sorry guys!
  9. ———–hours later and like 91% dry———–
  10. My hair was pretty flat and kind of “hard” at this time, not necessarily crunchy, but definitely not goddess-like. I used the pick I got to fluff everything out from underneath (searching for the video demonstration!!). The youtuber emphasized not pushing the pick all the way through the hair…Flip your head to the side,  put the pick underneath and kind of shake it around at the roots for volume!!!


Day 1

Day 1

Stank Face at Work :X

Stank Face at Work :X

I’m not sure how well you can tell, but here we have well-defined curls!! There is a little frizziness though….

Now, like I said, my hair wasn’t completely dry when I fluffed it out, so this may account for some of the frizz that I had.

I definitely think the Noodle Head helped to form the curls and make them tighter!! I’ve used the ApHoghee in the past and it helped with frizz and whatnot, but it didn’t tighten my curls up like this!

Needless to say, I love the pattern that I have going with these products here! The Regimen gets an A- from me.

OH! BTW! Here’s some info about my hair in case you’re interested in these products for yourself:

2c/3a pattern (more towards 3a with these products)

Density: Fine

Porosity: Normal possibly leaning towards over porous

Stay tuned for a post on my day 2 hair and sleep regimen! 🙂

Later curlies!



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