Curly Girly: Product Haul

SUMMER’s (almost) HERE!!! That means it’s time to give my hair a break from all that heat….ain’t nobody got time fa’ that.

I’ve been wearing my hair curly for the past couple of weeks, but I’ve never been completely satisfied with it. SO I decided to find a new curly hair regimen!

After a ton of researching and Youtube video watching, I think I’ve found some products that might actually work.

Check out my new hair crush’s video here: !!!!!

NOODLE HEAD. HOW CUTE IS THAT NAME?!?!? Super cute, I know. And I’m hoping it can be my new staple product.

That…and all these other lovely items I got from Sally’s:



Details to come…

The Good:

  • Beyond The Zone Noodle Head: Kick Up Your Curls Curling Cream ($5.49)
  • ApHoghee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer (~$6)

The Iffy:

  • Beyond the Zone Frizz Zapper (~$5)

The Mehhh…

  • Beyond the Zone Last Call Hair Masque ($2.99)

I haven’t use the Proclaim Hair masque (.99 cents) yet, but I have high hopes for it!

I’m planning to post pictures of my hair with these products in it later and give more details about the products.

Also pictured above: satin cap, pick, and duck clips. I’ll explain more about these in a future post!

Here’s a teaser pic of the cap 🙂

Mushroom Head!

Mushroom Head!

Stay tuned loves!


2 thoughts on “Curly Girly: Product Haul

  1. I use the aphogee stuff tooo and it is amazing!!! I also use the bonnet that you have. I have THREE of them, and I have a double lined satin one that is red (but I do not include that one)! Also, if you get a lot of shedding, try putting some strongly brewed black tea through you hair before the conditioner and rinse it all out!

    Hope that helps

    • I wanted to try the black tea thing before, but I just never got around to it!! Do I have to do this a lot of times before I see results? :/

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