Thriftapalooza: Gone with the Wind Fabulous Thrifts

So, graduation is in less than a week so I’ve come home to Hampton for the week! 🙂

Since I’ve been home I’ve been itching to find some great thrift deals…unfortunately, the thrift stores here are less than stellar. I’m going to try again tomorrow and hopefully I’ll find something good.

But, until then, you all are in for a treat!!!!!! One of my best friends and my very best thrifting buddy found some great things in cville today and she’s ready to share them with you! So….without further ado… Janae!


7:08 PM, Goodwill, Pantops Mountain. I walk out of the fitting room to find my cart holding this little gem (pictured below) GONE!

Not anything super spectacular  but I love the detail and the silver chain! I've been looking for a great little purse to take when I go out and this is it!

Not anything super spectacular but I love the detail and the silver chain! I’ve been looking for a great little purse to take when I go out and this is it!

I WAS LIVID. Literally walked around the store for 10 minutes looking in everyone’s cart and questioning everyone I came across to find my little purse! Luckily, a nice little associate saw how distraught I was and retrieved my purse from the backroom! (An associate had pushed my cart back)

Thrifting Lesson of the Day: Don’t leave carts with merchandise unattended.

Apart from that small episode, today was a great day for thrifting! I decided to hit up goodwill after getting off from my shift at TJMaxx. I wasn’t expecting to find (or buy) much but super glad I went because I got a couple things I’m super excited about!

Like Johnel, I’m about to graduate from UVA and move on to the next step in my life. For me, that’s business school at Wake Forest University. The program I’m doing is super intense and I will have a busy schedule. So my current goal with thrifting is to find pieces that are cute, classic, and versatile so I can easily transition from business casual in class to group meetings and then to nightlife (if there’s time). When I got home, I tried on some of my stuff and here are a couple pics of 3 different looks!


“Fabulously Thrifty Business Lady”(took this one at the thrift store): Love the lines on this jacket/blazer and how this outfit came together IN THE THRIFT STORE! 3 dollar leather low-dress/business pumps by Nine West and classic black slacks from Talbots. Both are good quality wardrobe staples and I’m excited to have gotten them for cheap! You can’t see the details,  but the shoes have kind of a crocodile pattern/texture.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“Girl’s Night Out Dinner in Downtown Winston-Salem”: –Oscar De La Renta blazer (in love) and my purse I cried over paired with super dark jeans and black pumps.  Even on Ebay, Oscar De La Renta blazers can sell for like $200! Got it for $3.75…hashtag winning. Uber excited about this one…definitely hit a Gone with the Wind Fabulous Kenya Moore twirl!


Not smiling…but I promise I’m happy. 😀

“Bar Night at  Finnegan’s”–apparently that’s the bar spot in Winston-Salem for grad students. Thrifted white blouse, thrifted jeans (They fit great at the store but were too long so I hemmed them with hem web…you can get this at JoAnn’s fabric for 3 or 4 bucks! Highly recommend it…especially if you’re a thrifting shorty like me!) Also the shirt has these ribbons that are supposed to be tied in a bow around the neck that I tucked in because there was an iron burn on the end of one. I think it looks kinda cool. (yes? no? maybe so?) I need a more permanent solution…time to bust out the needle and thread. The shoes though are my new babies…Steve Madden. Not thrifted but purchased at TJMaxx on clearance. Cute, casual, low, and spiky.

been waiting forever for them to mark these down...I'm a Maxxinista!

been waiting forever for them to mark these down…I’m a Maxxinista!

As you can see, nothing super crazy or wild but I’m really excited about everything! Goodwill and thrift stores have a lot of items you could use to expand your post-grad wardrobe. In addition to the pictured items, I got 2 pairs of slacks (one pair of j.crew chinos and New York & Co, a green and white geo button up, another green and white v-neck blouse, a black cool trapeze cut blouse, and a blue express blouse). All together I spent a little less than $50 bucks thrifting- NOT BAD RIGHT?!I definitely could have spent more but I’m trying this thing called self-control…We’ll see how I do.

I’ll definitely be thrifting more over the next couple months. I may pop up again if I find anything great! In the meantime, I wish you all well with your thrifting and life adventures! Oh…and keep twirling like Ms. America, I mean Ms. USA Kenya Moore! 😉

Thanks for reading!


-Gone With the Wind Fabulous

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