Graduation cap by Johnel-o Picaso

Four days later and I’m finally done!!! After many a nervous night spent adding different elements to my cap, it’s finally done and I am in love with it!!!!!!

Drum roll please………



The Sky’s the Limit. Save the babies!

It took literally forever to put all those little stones in, but so worth it! Like, I’m seriously considering putting it up in my apartment next year because I love it so much. 🙂

For those of you interested in how it all came together, I took pics at almost every step of the way and compiled them all below!

Step 1: Plan it all out

This step was actually drawing the chevron pattern on the cap, but I didn’t get a pic of it so, here is a pic of me trying out the stone pattern

SO many little stones

SO many little stones

Step 2: Mod-Podge hundreds of little stones to the cap!

Chevron baby!

Chevron baby!

Here you can see where I drew the pattern in before I glued the stones. FOUR hours of work >_<



Yay! The pattern is done!!!! I liked the way it looked here, but needed some way to fill in the little gaps that were left…

STEP 4: GLITTER!!!! Duh.

Not so fabulous yet

Not so fabulous yet…

Well, first I had to mix the mod-podge and gold glitter and slather it all over the cap! I was really scared this was going to turn out badly…but, I went for it! Nothin’s permanent, right?

After it dried for an hour or so…..



A much more cohesive, glittery look! Sorry for the dark pictures, for some reason my house is always kind of dim. And it was like 1 am when I took this..

And that’s it!!! I just added some stickers and mod-podged a picture of my family to the tassel button 🙂


And look at all the glitter!

Hope you guys love it as much as I do, I love when my ideas turn into greatness!

One week until I get to actually wear it!!!!!!!!!!

So excited,


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