Meh. Maybe I’ll try the bald look.

Soooo, today while I was scrolling through my Twitter timeline I saw this:

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 11.48.35 PM

Now please excuse if this is not the most coherent post, I think I just need to get this rant out once and for all!

One thing that bothers the living HECK out of me is when (black) people see me and say, “Girl, you don’t know [random struggle], you got white people hair!” or something along those lines. After hearing this phrase my entire life, I’ve really come to hate it. Like, REALLLLYYYY hate it.

No, I do not have white people hair. I have mixed people hair. I have the hair of a person who is half Black and Filipino. I guess my hair texture could be compared to the hair texture of some white people, but for the most part…naaaaahhhh….

And to even say my hair is like “white people” is crazy because there are so many different types of hair, even among white people!

The twitter post above really caught my attention because the tweeter mentions how black people associate good hair with being white OR being mixed. When I first read this, I thought to myself, “Psh…nobody ever says, girl you don’t know the struggle, you have mixed people hair!” And for the most part they don’t. It’s always straight to “white people hair.”

Brings me back to the age old struggle of not being “black enough.” What I’m really hearing is,”No girl, your hair isn’t like mine, you’re more like the white people. Please make your way to the hair cuttery, my hairdresser is busy with real black people.”


After thinking over it more, I realized that the part about mixed people and good hair has been just as prevalent in my life…I guess it just didn’t annoy me as much since I  actually am mixed. Often, when I meet a new person it’s, “Ohhh, your haiiiiiirrrr! What’s your background? What are you mixed with?” *side eye* Can’t I just be all black and have “good hair?” I mean…I’m not, but dang. And this  comes from people of all races!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the love I receive on behalf of my hair…but please work to move past that. There’s so much more behind the fresh ‘do.

[Note: For a good chunk of time, my name on Myspace was “*~*~I Am Not My Hair~*~*,” inspired by India.Arie’s song of the same name. This issue is something that’s been bugging me since MYSPACE days! Myspace, people!]

I’m glad this whole natural movement is happening now, people are soooo excited when they see the big curly hairstyles (which really are gorgeous) and mine doesn’t get as much attention. Nobody’s reaching out to play in my hair anymore… Now everyone has “good” hair!


Embrace it.


 Tragic Mulatto

P.S. In case you were wondering, here’s what my hair looks like (about a year ago:

White people hair?

One thought on “Meh. Maybe I’ll try the bald look.

  1. True that, Goon Silky!!!!! Black ppl go to the Hair Cuttery too!
    This may not be the last time you have this conversation but it’ll be easier every time. Love you, and not for your hair 😉

    -Natural & Lovin It

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