Four Freaking Years.


Felt like such a creeper taking this!

Today, as I was going to grab some lunch (trying to use up the TWENTY meal swipes I have left before Friday!), I saw a bunch of cars parked up on the curb. It took me a second to realize what was going on here….then it hit me! First years (the class of 20-SIXTEEN) were moving out of dorms. The first years have made it through an entire year of college and have started to move out.

I had a flashback to when I lived in these dorms and to when I moved out after my first year. It felt SOOOOO good to have made it through a whole year of college! …And now I’ve made it through FOUR years and am about to get a freaking bachelor’s degree. Seeing the babies moving out made me feel old and nostalgic.

So, here are some pictures from my first year dorm…

Old Dorms.


3rd Left.

Such crazy times in that place! First year was filled with random ‘friends’ and random adventures, everyone was so open to do whatever lol. Life should be more like the first year of undergrad.

But enough of the walk down memory lane, the point of this post is that for a split second it finally hit me that I’m graduating in a week and I won’t be back at this place for awhile. I won’t be here to see another class of first years come in and act crazy…

and OMG. I won’t be able to just head down to the dining hall to get some decent free (i.e. pre-paid) food!!!!! My paychecks for the next year are all going to go to food…blah.

Anywho, mini-freakout over.

Back to la la land and this graduation thing not feeling real,


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