Thriftapalooza: Beauty Find!

I’ve recently become a hot roller fanatic. My hair is fine straight, and my hair is fine with its natural curls…, but with the addition of hot rollers my hair is just va-va-vooooommmm!

Enter, Conair Hot Sticks aka The Queen of All Hot Rollers.

I got these from the SPCA Rummage store, each set was $6.99!

I got the purple ones first, fell in love, and went back to get the thinner pink ones. I think my favorite thing about these is that they’re so comfortable to sleep in and, as a result, I get curls that last way longer!

I have some other hot roller sets (Conair Hot Clips and a set with pins), but those are a pain to sleep in. I can put them in during the day for a few hours, but the curls fall flat after about an hour or so of moving around…sad face.

Johnel pre-Hot Sticks. Look how unhappy I am.

Johnel pre-Hot Sticks. Look how unhappy I am.

With the Hot Sticks, I can get my beauty sleep…


With protective head gear

Wake up the next morning and take them out…


Nelly Temple 🙂

And wear them all day without too much falling!


Sorry you can’t really see the curls, but trust me they’re there!


Better pic. They held up even after a stressful interview!

Just got through day 2 of running around with my curls and they’re still holding up quite nicely.

Final verdict: I really do love these things and I’m surprised more people don’t use them! They’re super easy and super portable. The only problem that I have with them is that they may get too hot, so I have to wait about 10 seconds before rolling. Other than that, A+ product.

Get your own here or on Amazon!

Happy curling,


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