The End is Near: My FINAL Final

Tomorrow marks the day I take the final final of my undergraduate career!!!!!!

Unfortunately, as you may be able to gather from this post, I cannot focus on studying at all…

Johnel is not a happy camper


I tried my best to sneak-take that picture, but I’m pretty sure the people around me noticed my computer screen flash. Oh well, such is life.

It really hasn’t hit me that I’m about to be done with undergrad and have a BACHELOR’s degree!! I literally just stopped feeling like an 18 year old kid (thanks acne!) about to graduate from high school. Though this chapter of my life has flown by, it’s definitely time for a change of scenery. Despite all of the great people I’ve met and great things I’ve gotten a chance to do in CVille, I want out!

Anywho, my final final is in my sociology class, Power and Culture, tomorrow at 2! Wish me luck. In preparation for studying, I tried a new energy drink today to try and give myself some liquid motivation…

Liquid Motivation

Motivation in a can! If only…

Mountain Dew Kick Start in an “Energizing Orange Citrus” flavor. Claims to be sparkling juice. 5% juice. Hmm.

Luckily, it tastes delicious! It tastes like a really good “orange drink” (not juice, any Dave Chappelle fans?) and doesn’t have that weird caffeinated flavor that most energy drinks have. Unfortunately, it didn’t really give me much energy and made my stomach go crazy…like, can’t sit still because my stomach is doing back flips, crazy. Even more unfortunately, I can’t stop drinking it because it’s so good!

Why do I live my life on the struggle bus?!

Back to the real world.

PS. Instead of studying, I’ve been checking my STATS on here….hi all my new visitors! Thanks for checking out Thousand Word Selfie! *waves*

G2G (remember that?),


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