The Future of Thousand Word Selfie

As of right now, I don’t really have a concrete plan for this blog…but here’s some ideas I have for year 1 of Thousand Word Selfie!

(in order of definitely, yes! to eh, maybe…)

  • Newark/New York Bucket List Adventures (here!)
  • Fun, Inspiring, Life-changing moments at Great Oaks
  • Any exciting life events that I will surely happen
  • Adventures in Thrifting: Tri-State Edition (inspiration here!)
  • Quick snapshot bios of my future new friends (felt lame writing that one lol)
  • Arts/Crafts/New cool dishes I make from Pinterest
  • Adventures in refashioning clothes (inspiration here!)
  • My potential attempt at making a thrifted clothing online boutique (yikes!)
  • I actually want to get back into discovering new music, so maybe some posts with good music I find?!

There’s actually way more random stuff I could put up here, but how about I start with those?

Also, I think with each post (in the beginning at least) I’m going to include a random, probably unrelated, selfie from my phone and/or photobooth.

Here’s the one for this post, enjoy:


I work customer service for, here is my Elvis lip curl.

Later loves,


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