No really, who are you?

So maybe you didn’t really get a feel for who I am in the last post…understandable. I got a little excited with the pictures and lost focus.

But now I’m back and ready.

So, again, I’m Johnel.

Graduating from THE University of Virginia on May 19th,  2013! I’ll be getting my degree in Sociology and African American Studies and I’m kind of nervous about that. When I tell people what I major in the first response is always, “Oh, what do you plan on doing with that?”

Well, haters of the world, I plan on doing A LOT with it…

Rewind four years…I came into college wanting to be a veterinarian, chemistry kicked my butt, then I wanted to be an art director for advertising. This path was also not my thing. I like doing art for fun, not to be critiqued and shot down in art class. During the whole time of struggling with what I wanted to do with my life and how to become rich, I was taking sociology and AAS (African American studies) classes because they genuinely interested me. I never planned on making a future with them because…who the heck makes big money from THOSE majors, right?! Luckily, after going through a few quarter life crisises I realized these classes really showed me what I was passionate about. I learned that all the “big money” jobs that I was chasing before were not what I really wanted to do with my life…and wouldn’t leave me fulfilled.

Cut back to present day Johnel: A new, caring, passionate, driven young lady.

All of the readings and work from my classes showed me just how horrible the world really is…even in the place of dreams, The United States of America. Like really, this place is really really really bad and needs a lot of work. That’s where I come in 🙂

What specifically grinds my gears is the current state of education in America. Sure, some kids get great educations…but others get really crappy ones. And the ones that get really crappy ones often have no choice but to accept their fates. Sad, right? I’ll have a whole different post on this soon. I could go on all day about this, literally.

Lucky for the youth of the world, I’m NOT one of those people who’s all talk, no action. So, in August I’m moving to Newark, NJ to work at Great Oaks Charter School! I’ll be tutoring and mentoring a group of about 6 middle schoolers and helping them excel in school! AND I AM SUPER DUPER EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!! More about this later too, I don’t want to give you too much in one post.

And I think I’m at the point of too much now…soo…

Ta Ta for Now,


Selfie alert:

Bonus hipster instagram filter included!

Bonus hipster instagram filter included!

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